New Line Structures, Inc.

November 5, 2013

Starting with a blank canvas can be intimidating, but ultimately allows for a great deal of creativity. However, at times we are asked to work within existing conditions and with an existing palette (colors, furniture, carpet, etc). This is the ultimate test of creativity.

For the New Line Structures offices on 7th Avenue, we were asked to work within existing conditions and only insert elements that will help to identify the company and it’s branding. Using their existing logo and branding colors as a source of inspiration, we identified select high impact areas that needed to be re-worked in order to make a true design statement. We chose to focus our major intervention on the elevator lobby and reception areas, as these are the first spaces that will be seen by the public.

The elevator lobby will be upgraded with new backlit stainless steel signage and new SHAW hexagonal carpet tiles while maintaining the existing porcelain tile walkway and glass ceiling elements.


The new hexagonal carpet tile continues into the main Reception area, which will have a custom reception desk and new conference room. The conference room will be finished in a high gloss “New Line” red branding color and will incorporate the New Line “N” branding element.


Another branding opportunity came about in the design of a custom plan table with integral smart board and LED backlit glass panel surface.


Space currently under construction.